Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I have no idea what to write at the moment. I had a fairly busy Labor Day weekend what with completing 44 artist trading cards (this included coloring, sewing, stuffing and a lot of cutting). I made some roasted banana cupcakes one day, helped to move furniture and boxes from one storage unit to another and discovered "Pasadena" a previously unknown (to me) short-lived series which was being played in marathon fashion Monday. The show is fun in that over the top, grandiose way that some dramas have and this one is sarcastic and dark as well. One thing which I found interesting was the main character's ultimate choice between what was morally right and family loyalty. I do wish there was another season for the choice to have been examined a bit more. I wonder how much our intentions matter when we make choices? I studied chaos theory only a little in college, but enough to realize that one choice or action has unforeseen ramifications. In my admittedly limited understanding chaos theory is a lot like karma in that one action be it positive or negative ripples through those around you and ultimately returns back to you with greater force.

This afternoon I will be driving with my dad and sister to Georgia to see my paternal grandparents and aunt (my dad's younger sister) and from there we will caravan to my grandpa's Seabee reunion (I will explain this in my next entry next week) in Asheville, North Carolina. My grandparents chose to love their children and grandchildren without condition and in return they receive deep, but mundane expressions of devotion from their family. My uncles, aunts and cousins helped pack up and move my grandparents to Georgia from Iowa only this past month (although the packing went on for nearly a year). My aunt drove from Georgia to Iowa when necessary. My dad and uncle field any legal problem that arises. I am proud of how my family honors and shows through their continual actions how much they love my grandparents.

As I am the oldest grandchild I have had three decades to know my grandparents from when they were in their early 50's to now in their 80's. My parents gave me the gift when I was younger of sending my sister and me to spend summers in Iowa with my grandparents. Those days are baby blue, powder pink and amber hued in my mind. Happy, pretty, simple and treasured. For the next few days I shall be feeling baby blue, powder pink and amber again and the more recent color of purple.

Dear reader, I hope you are blessed with delightful color.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see your still blogging away! Hope you enjoy your time away with your grandparents!

The Dabbler said...

Thanks, Robin! It's wonderful to hear from you.