Thursday, January 24, 2008

In Review

I receive various newsletters daily through email (who doesn't?) and one of them recently was from Writer's Digest about tips for blogging. Upon reading their tips I realized I am not blogging according to their tips at all--I am breaking a lot of rules for a successful and popular blog. This includes having a clear purpose or focus for my blog i.e. cooking, politics, books, movies, art or lint if I so choose. One of my failings is that I am not focused hence the name dabbler. If I went according to this tip I would have to have over a dozen blogs and then where would I be? Still, I have considered at least having more of a structure to this blog--I believe it may meander too much and its relevance might be rather limited.

Another tip was to be sometimes I can be that, but other times I write entirely too much. Yet another tip was to pose questions to my readership to promote interest and interaction. Do I do this? And yet another tip is to frequently and consistently post or you lose readership. Since I have a good half dozen readers I should hate to lose even one of you!

So, dear reader, what are your thoughts? Do you prefer specific blogs? Do you have any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

I love all your blogs, Shay. Just be yourself! :o) Happy Day!

Unknown said...

My advice... just be who you are and true to yourself. That's all anyone can ask!

However, I do know several bloggers and they have several blogs with different themes. One may be on personal reflection, another on a craft or hobby and another on something more professional. I don't know. I just write what I feel and see what becomes of it. I have tried to limit mine to teaching, but have seriously considered starting another one for just "me" stuff. Great question.