Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Eat. Eat. Don't You Love Me?

I am a food enabler. To me these statements are the truth:

Food is life. Food is passion. Food is expression. Food is universal. Food builds bridges. Food is love.

Food is my way back into living. Food is my invitation into socializing.

I believe food is more than simple nourishment--it is a common thread linking all living things. When I have no idea what to talk about I will talk food. Everyone has to eat and more times than not there is an emotional connection between the person eating the food being consumed.

For my immediate family food is a non-verbal conveyance of caring, pride and sharing of love which may be too difficult to manifest into words or physical affection. Making something delicious says "I Love You" and eating the food placed in front of you with obvious pleasure and gusto conveys "I Love You Too." I know this is not always the case in each family, but in ours you can taste the love along with the spices.


Anonymous said...

I would agree with you about food. Food for me seems to be a comfort food, but not as you might think. As I grow older on this earth I seem to want to get nostalgic and have food of all sort that reminds me of a time now pasted. When I am enjoying these foods I recall so many memories and so many great feelings of a time which seems long ago.In the same token today I love to create all sorts of dishes and share them with family and sometimes great friends.

Great start to your blog Miss Texas. Can't wait to read what you have to say next. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

It gets better each day Miss Shay - keep up the fab work :)!