Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Personality Distilled in Ink

What do you think about handwriting? Yours? Others? Do you ever see patterns in how someone writes? What can be discovered? Another one of life's mysteries to ponder.

Above is something I wrote up today. The body of most of this post is in the image. Have fun deciphering. Hint: Click on image.

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otr said...

What do I think about handwriting? Well Mine at one time in my life was very good, but that time seems to be long ago as the PC age has killed me.I try not to be sloppy in my journal, but it tends to get sloopy. As for others I think you can read into peoples handwriting and you might be able to learn things about them.

I saw that as I have read letters from the civil war and the way these were written, Even sitting out over looking a bloody battlefield they still took pride in there hand writing. Many would write on the eve of the big battle and there handwriting might convey how nervous they just might be but yet there words would say something differnt, but the way they would form letters would tell the real story.

Handwriting can tell you things and I am sure mine would say wonders about me.

Now yours Miss texas tell me your a women that has many things on her mind.The way you form certain letters and then the strokes on some words lends one to think you might be thinking of something else or your mind was wondering as you wrote this. It also shows you like things in a certain order and you take pride in things you do.

At least that's what I found out from reading it.That and your handwriting is far better then many I know. How about writing a full 3 page letter and sending it to me..oh wait that might be a question..lol..