Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Needed: Umbrella Stand

I don't recall any year when we have been subjected to so much rain. This morning as I got ready for work the house shook with the power and strength of the thunder and knocked out the power. My poor puppy (I mean this only as a term of endearment as she reached the venerable age of 15 years last month) Harli ran up to me shuddering and compressed into herself the minute she heard me come downstairs. Of course I rescued her and placed her in the safe haven found under the covers of a big fluffy bed. I myself had to combat the rain in my little white Honda. I only work 7 minutes from my house and yet going no more than 45 miles per hour even on the highway makes 7 minutes stretch.

I have been driving through pouring rain the last few days. The backyard looks like a bog. In these times I am reminded of two important things: 1) nature still is far, far more powerful than anything created by man and 2) without electricity we are in sorry shape.

I love rain, but too much of it like anything else is dangerous.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about all that rain. I guess even someone like you that enjoys rain just can't enjoy floods that come from all that rain.

I can remember my sambo hated thunderstorms. We would know when a storm was coming as he would have his ears down and take off for his corner by the kitchen sink.He would pant and pant so hard.So whenever there was a storm I would hold him and sing to him talk to him and help him feel safe.I miss those days and would give anything to be able to do that just one more time, just one more time.Time, something we seem to think we have a lot of.When in reality we really don't have enough.

Make sure you grab your umbrella on your way out the door to your honda and that fast 7 minute ride to work.Just watch out for all that mud and water along your way.

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