Friday, February 08, 2008

An Experiment: Part I

I forgot to take pictures of my latest ATC's. I will have to do that soon.

I was thinking of part of a presentation I did my senior year in high school for an independent study project I did. I had the audience by consensus create characters for a historical romance. It ended up being a wacky story premise, but fun for all. I wonder how that would work now? I wonder if I still have the forms I used somewhere in my closet...I am sure I do.

I think I may try a similar exercise here. So think upon your story setting: When? Where? What circumstances besmirch our heroine and hero? Let me know what time period, situation and location you would choose. Most of all have fun and make it dramatic.

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Anonymous said...

OK how about this...leave the realm of the typical and delve into the world of animal stop the trolley, Dabbler!...I mean the world of animals. How much more drama do you need than the fight for survival? Preditors, prey, climate, dominance, territorial conflict, loss of habitat, sickness, injury, and then you have to find a mate?!!! Select some wilderness creature and then go from there. They all have different rituals, strengths, weaknesses, and quirks. OK, I'm go write a best seller.