Thursday, February 14, 2008

Spread the Love

I had my little temper tantrum yesterday when I was confronted by how much I still hold myself back and limit myself. It is difficult to contemplate that even if love served itself on a pretty sterling silver platter to me I would probably freak out and fling love as far away as possible. It is also unsettling to realize that I am still very much like I was as a girl who felt more comfortable receiving negative attention than positive. Yet, it is best to be honest and to acknowledge how very responsible I am for my situation--it is the only way to own who I am and who I can become. I thank you, dear reader, for keeping with me even when I am petulant and listening.

Perhaps Valentine's Day is a commercialized holiday (what isn't?), but it does help to remind us that we are surrounded by the love and care of others and we likewise love and care. For those of you experiencing this Valentine's Day single remember that the love professed about during this day need not only be the romantic and passionate sort, but indulge in some self-love, familial love, platonic love and love you share with your beloved pets. For those in your life who hate this holiday (and what it may represent to them) be there for them and feel the enriching warmth of being able to help someone else when you are needed. When you need help go to someone you trust and feel suffused in appreciation because they are there for you.

As a friend wrote to me today: "spread the love with your smile today!" There are those in your life for whom your smile/presence is incandescent.


lana said...

Hello my dear friend. Even though I have not been honored with your smile, your friendship has brought alot more depth to my life. I appreciate you everyday.

Tina said...

Shay, I really need to bookmark your blog on my work computer. I only visit you here on the weekends because it's the only time I'm at home during the day with time to go on the computer. Anyway, Lana referred me to your blog this morning. I'm glad she did. I'm short for time but I wanted to say, Shay, you are such an extraordinary person. Everything that Eric wrote in that certain post to you on your birthday is just so true. I, myself, am a bit intimidated by you. You are so creative, talented, well versed and intelligent. I am a bit in awe of you to be quite honest. I hope you never decide to go again into that cocoon that you spoke about in your other post. We would all be at a loss without you.

Unknown said...

Lots of love to you my dear friend. :)