Monday, August 27, 2007

Being Dramatic

Dear reader, it has been far too long since last I wrote. I have begun and set aside a few starts to an entry...they seem to need a little more time to season, I suppose.

I decided to stay away from the computer for the weekend. I am on the computer for hours on end during the week (for work, of course) and when I get home the computer often is not something I wish to look upon. At times though I find myself sitting at my desk booting up the computer as if the thing mesmerized me. So, I then make a conscious decision to stay away which was quite easy to do. Instead I read a book, went shopping (in the process seeing several friends), spent an evening with my sister and uncle, saw a movie or two (nothing too memorable), made a cabbage salad (I would call it a coleslaw, but others would not) and continued to sort and organize the new studio (yes, I am still dealing with that!).

I have felt amazingly good lately with very little in the way of pity parties, which once upon a time I specialized in. I feel okay being me, although I am still not certain exactly what all that entails (I am okay with that too). Last night I was sorting through some of my extra ATC's (artist trading cards) and found one, which showcases a mother of pearl button. I wrote a very, very short story to go with the button and I reread it last night. I was wryly amused by my story. Oh, the words I used! Words like horrendous and wretched. My sister read it and said there must not have been a dry eye in the bunch and that in my own way I am dramatic. Thank God! Drama means color, vibrancy, interest and flair--I gladly accept that label.

I tend to write a bit (okay, often more than a bit) dramatically. I love adjectives with their power, lushness and grandness and I sprinkle my writing with them. If I am going to write, I don't want the words to be listless. I want the words to whisper, to leap, to shout, to swirl, to peek, to prod or do any other function to capture the attention of my reader and to keep me emotionally connected with what I write. If I write a tad too effusively it is because in writing I become effusive; in writing I am more and free to express a depth of emotion that in person I am too reserved to do (with some exceptions). For some to envelope someone in their love and caring they need a pen and paper. My body is awkward, but I can string together charged words until they encircle and move. Others surpass me with their deftness and skill in writing, but a little talent is more than enough to allow me to do what I need do.

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