Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Quick Bit

Forgive me for not knowing what to write tonight. I am suffering from another bout of my reoccurring sinus infection (a truth drummed into me is that mucus is GROSS), but this time I actually took the medical advice of my uncle and swallowed some antibiotics--something I really hate to do. I can't remember the last time I took any medication whatsoever. It was only a few years ago I could take aspirin or the like without feeling like a wimp. Why are we taught to bear pain stoically when we have the means to alleviate it without a price to pay? Have I mentioned my avoidance of medication? Or my profound dislike of going to the doctor? It is nearly reckless, but honestly learned from my family. Even my uncle who is a doctor won't go to the doctor himself. That is so typical of my family.... Not much after taking the pills I feel asleep only to awake feeling more exhausted so I think I will return to bed and hope tomorrow morning I feel more the thing.

Wishing you a much healthier day, dear reader!

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