Friday, August 03, 2007


Dear reader, I typed away yesterday on a draft blog entry and then I lost momentum. My track record had been so beautifully consistent before I let it slip. Ah well, I did warn you that I was an inconsistent person (a dabbler), something I have much lamented about, but am trying to come to terms with at present.

Some of us are just innately erratic--going 0 to 60 one minute in one direction and then going upside down in another minute and then lazing about in yet another moment. I admit it is frustrating and I have on more than one occasion deserved the "flighty" moniker. In fact in middle school when I spent a lot of time out in the sun and had a golden hue, I was dubbed a ditzy blonde airhead. As long as friends also feed me Airhead candies, I didn't mind so much (it was not untrue after all).

It also doesn't help that I am not always present. I don't mean to have my mind focus somewhere beyond or backwards in the past that is where it naturally wanders and it requires an insane amount of will to focus on things I rather not: chores; sorting through my possessions; accounting; future negative ramifications of this precise action or that; car maintenance; maintenance of anything really; contacting someone I feel I have wronged in anyway, etc.

I remember as a teenager faced with the cleaning of the bathrooms every Friday afternoon after school I would be distracted and entranced by things that usually bored me--everything became exotic and mesmerizing when it suddenly became something I shouldn't do. My will is mightily weak, dear reader. I played cards, read books I previously discarded, noticed the patterns on trinkets, organized perfumes in order of height, tested the acoustics of my parents' bathroom and looked in the mirror trying to determine the color of my hair or eyes. All truly inane things another time and place, but on a Friday late afternoon or early evening, so much brighter than scrubbing out the tub or vacuuming the stairs.

Thankfully Fridays nights are now blissfully peaceful. There is nothing I must get done and no chores hanging over my head until the following morning. Fridays I am entirely too tired to worry about anything but relaxation. In this it is good to be an adult.

Have a lovely Friday night, dear reader!


otr said...

memories of a life gone past a time long ago just spaces of thoughts that were once an every day real thing are now just a few lasting memories.

Funny how adult hood makes you think of those things.I just have one question and know there will be no answer.But did you say you organized perfumes in order of height??? Alrighty

Thanks for a great blog page.Makes me wish you would put your book out there.

Anonymous said...

I have been searching around the net reading all sorts of blogs and came across this site and thus your blog among others.I just wanted to tell you that your blogs are very well written.

By chance are you a famous author? The way you seem to command the written word makes me wonder how many other things you have written.

Keep writing as there are few blogs that I enjoy and yours is now one of them.

The Dabbler said...

anonymous, are you by chance a ringer? lol

Thank you for your kind compliments. Your praise has humbled this amateur writer.

I hope you continue to enjoy my ramblings.