Monday, October 01, 2007

Celebrating Life

This Saturday I found myself at another baby shower--actually only my second (my first being this summer and held for the older sister of the woman for whom this particular baby shower was given. I even had a chance to make the acquaintance of the little man that was the reason for the first baby shower. He is unbelievably even tempered like his parents. I wonder what his little girl cousin will be like?). I have also only attended a handful of weddings in my life too. What can I say, either I don't know many people or circumstances mean I can't attend (lived too far away) or didn't know a friend when they married or had babies.

The two baby showers I attended were truly joyous and fun events because of the hostesses, guests of honor and guests. These are generous, warm, happy and creative souls. I have met all of the ladies through a local stamping & paper arts store. This means that there are a slew of handmade cards and gifts, which are passed around for all to see and enthuse about. This particular baby shower was held at the home of a friend who is an extremely gifted multi-media artist with this incredibly colorful, whimsical house that you could spend your life in and still find something new and wondrous to explore. Everything about her house has her mark on it. The colors on the walls are bold with colors like marigold, terra cotta and cobalt blue. There are pillows sewn and created by her on her emerald green couch, art (hers and others) everywhere. Her studio made us all envious: it is large, well organized and brimming with fascinating objects, books, tools and projects. Her front yard and backyard also show her artistry including mosaic pots and garden steps she has made (and fountains made of found objects). Many of us wondered if we could just hang out in her studio, peruse the books and watch her work.

I think one thing we all came away from the baby shower with is that we thoroughly enjoy each other's company and we need to get together more often. In that vein, we are going to have one dinner this month and perhaps more in the future. One of the reasons for the addition was to have plenty of room to entertain friends and family. So far we have only had a couple of dinner parties and two holiday dinners. We try to go all out for the dinner parties, spending hours culling through our vast collection of magazines, cookbooks, newspaper clippings, downloaded recipes and the like. I love the planning process of putting together a menu from different sources designed specifically with the specific guests in mind that makes them coo with delight and feel special for all the care and attention we give to them. We don't play it safe either. We try a set of new recipes that allow us to experiment and try new techniques, flavors and ingredients.

For October's Halloween inspired party we are going to do heavy appetizers rather than a more formal dinner party and also in the works for later this autumn or winter is a party with appetizers, three soups (I adore soup), homemade breads (I adore bread) and cookies & bars (you guessed it, I adore cookies & bars) for dessert. I also want to try a supper club, but that is another things entirely....

I do know one other thing: having these ceremonies bring vitality, brightness, humor, warmth and a sense of the extraordinary to everyday life and makes me aware of what is most important and nurturing when the mundane and dreary tries to take hold.

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Eric said...

That house sound so cool, how she designed and created everything. I wanna do that with my own dwelling when I get one! It's great you got such a cool crowd to hang with! Those dinners and parties sound fun too.