Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Spooktacular Souper Part I

I promised a few (very few!) pictures of the Spooktacular Souper held this past Saturday and I would hate to disappoint my myriad of readers! Above was the tablescape--there is a lot of room for improvement next year, but the hurricanes came out great. Yes, dear reader, I am already thinking of ways to add and better the party for next year. I need to begin purchasing and decorating months in advance! If anything got shortchanged it was the decorating. You need at least a weekend to properly alter a house into a sinister showcase. It also helps when you build upon what you amassed and learned the year before. Since this was Year 1, next year can only be more gruesomely elegant!

We spent Thursday night, Friday night and most of Saturday cooking and the food turned out tasty (already have an idea for making goulash next year). Nearly everyone tried all three soups which we served in order in small bowls like it was a soup tasting (the cream soup with bacon on top first, chili next with fixings & last the onion soup with a gruyere cheese toast). The hit of the party was the witch's fingers (something that obviously must come back next year). The Swamp Sip drink also was liked by all. Say all you want against Martha Stewart, but she (and her team) know how to do Halloween!

Do you like the above image? That was how the hurricanes looked like from above. We filled them with dried beans, peas, a little white pumpkin & then lots of spiders and the eyeballs!

We ended up sticking spiders everywhere: on the walls, going up the cabinets, all over the stairwell, in the powder room including a roach on the powder room toilet that made people wonder.... The best happy accident was that the glue dots didn't keep up the spiders so there were spiders and other bugs falling at weird intervals. At least one person did a double take when that happened!

I have a few more images, but I am not sure I am pleased with how they turned out. I may add more images later to make this more interesting....

We gave out little goodie bags to our guests which included their own colorful web & spider, tombstone erasers, these awesome napkins we found from Target (all the guests are into art), candy bone bracelets and best of all mini containers of Halloween colored Play Doh. Who doesn't love Play Doh? I do!!

Next up will be a couple of images of some of the more spooky foods (like the witch's fingers) we made and some recipes, but not today, dear reader!


Anonymous said...

shay - thanks for the report from your ghouly gathering! how clever are you with those hurricanes? i am stealing that idea for next year! all those beans are terrific colors for halloween. and i bet those fingers were a hit! you need to share the recipe! thanks for giving the team a tour.

forcryeye said...

very, very cool hurricanes! The split peas remind me of my scariest movie...the Exorcist...I can't even think about it...You must throw the best parties!

Chris said...

LOVE these decorations!!

Dieverdog said...

Wow, so very, very cool... and creepy... I love the decorations! How fun! What a great idea to put the beans/peas in the hurricanes! You are so creative!

carlene federer said...

OMGosh, your party looks amazing, you are better than a cookbook...I've gotta remember to come back to this part on your blog next year to get some more amazing "Halloweenie" ideas!