Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Going to the Draft Pile

I have 69 posts in various stages of completion. 51 (soon to be 52) of them are posted (and therefore it is to be hoped completed), but I also have 17 posts that are partially done. Sometimes when I am having an off day (like today) I will harvest these draft posts, fill in the holes (like add links and images) or use them to create a new post. Some of them I am not sure will ever see the light of day--they are either too much work to refine or going nowhere. Today I was thinking I would post some images of cards I have made for family for their birthdays in the past couple of months, but it requires more work and energy than I have today.

For your reading pleasure or displeasure here is an example of one of these half-baked posts entitled "A Search" written late at night on October 17, 2007:

I had a sudden compulsion to revisit some of the music (it began with one of my favorite songs from 1996: Cake's "The Distance"--by the way there is a lot of interesting tribute videos for this song you can watch if you have some time to kill) from my first year of college and find one of the songs which used to get under my skin every time I heard it, but I could never remember who it was by or the name. I just spent more than hour scouring the hits from 1995 & 1996 to find it and in the process basically went through a musical time warp. I was finally successful by typing in a list of names of bands that usually sandwiched this particular song on the radio like Cake, Tonic, Local H and Fuel. I found a list here of this person's cd collection and I searched until something hit a chord (no pun intended). Here is the result: "Stuck on You" by Failure (I then stumbled over this cover of Failure's song by Paramore--I like her voice).

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Anonymous said...


That was my list you checked out.

FYI, 'Stuck on You' (and Fantastic Planet as well)rank in my top 10, maybe top 5 of all time.

Truly under-rated as far as I'm concerned.