Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday for the TCM Girl

I haven't a clue what to write...on these days I wish I had a prompt (I wonder if anyone has thought of writing 365 blogging prompts yet? If you use the idea I want my cut....). Or maybe I am questioning the megalomania I must be exhibiting to write this blog and continue to write a blog that is dedicated to me and my life (not to mention the desire for people to read the damn thing!). One day I am going to count how many "I's" are in just one entry. It is startling! Most days I blithely write away ignoring the inherent problem and I guess I will continue on in my little bubble....

Tonight, TCM has a series of movies on by director Tod Browning. The subject matter of his movies are usually bizarre, the characters often twisted and bent on a path of lustful revenge and they are absolutely, positively perfect for an October evening when all things seem possible and the mind suddenly is suspicious of every shadow. These are movies that take you back to deep dark black and pure pristine white and all the glorious shades of grey in between...these movies invoke these words for me: "Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of men? The Shadow knows!".

Does it make me a sad sack to be so excited about watching movies on a Friday night instead of having a social life? Quite possibly. I just don't care--I love my movies and I am a homebody. If I could find someone who liked watching such movies, read, made me laugh, is crazy, sincere, intelligent, sly, tolerant, patient!, quirky & nerdy (would have to be to deal with me), liked odd girls, was generous with his time and energy, innovative & open-minded, loved animals and family, could converse about crap one moment and the meaning of life the next, loved all sorts of food, had cahunas and isn’t picky at all about looks I would be a happy camper, but I think I am asking WAY too much. Is it any wonder I am perpetually single (it certainly doesn't help that I prefer trips to the dentist's office to dating)? But, dear reader, if you think you know a guy who is like that, please let me know. All applications will be carefully considered.


Anonymous said...

You could write about glasses and how you just hate sending a picture of you in your new glasses to a friend or friends. I'm just say' I will keep my eye open for a guy that would be so luckey to have someone like you miss Texas. I look forward to your next blog on glasses and pictures.

lana said... sound just like me. Funny but there's probably not too many men that fit that criteria. You may need to open it up a bit...or not! lol...
Talk to ya.