Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Why, Radiohead, Why?!?

Maybe you are aware that today Radiohead has released their latest album, In Rainbows, via download on their website and you name the price...any price. Sounds great, right? Wrong. I can't get on the site and I am conflicted about what to spend. I think I may go with $10.00, but am I being too cheap? Should I spend $11.99 - $14.99 like I would in a store? What is the price which balances the worth of their album (which I think is pretty damn high) and what I can afford? Oh, the ethical dilemma! I love you, but why do you need to make a simple purchase into yet another moment for me to question what I do and why?

October 11th Update:

After some hassle, I finally purchased the download for £ 6.00 and they then tacked on a £ 0.45 surcharge for use of a credit card (was I supposed to send them a check?). Remember that the current exchange rate is 2.0334 American dollars per British pound. I therefore paid approximately $13.12 for the download. Yet another example of how I am being screwed by the declining value of the dollar!

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Eric said...

On Wednesday about a third of fans decided to pay absolutely nothing, according to The Times daily, citing a poll of 3,000 people who bought it from the website.

"I chose zero, but maybe if I had a chance to chip in 10 bucks, after I hear it if it's great, then I would," said one identified fan from Australia, shortly after downloading the album.

The average price chosen was four pounds -- half the typical album price on online music retailing leader I-Tunes of around eight pounds -- although 67 people paid more than 10 pounds, according to the poll.

So what did you pay hmmmmmmm?????????????????