Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Finding Muse, or the Gorgeous TCM Promotion

One of the reasons I love Turner Classic Movies is because of their promos and the creative people who work for them (perhaps they don't make everything, but they've got excellent taste and a dramatic flair!). Check this one out from September of last sister described it to me how awesome it was and also said how much she loved the song. I had never seen the promo nor heard the song and by sheer luck I found the band Muse on my second or third attempt in the music section (of an evil store I will not name) right after she was describing the song to me. Crazy how some things work out like that. I had never heard Muse before (yes, I am living under a rock) but I was drawn to their cover for Black Holes and Revelations (image to the right), but then picked up their earlier album Absolution (which had the song on it) and I promptly bought both CD's. Tangent: For a totally cool classical version of the Muse song used ("Time is Running Out") listen to The String Quartet's tribute. For your listening pleasure here is the String Quartet's tribute to Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and another of Radiohead's "Motion Picture Soundtrack" (I adore this song in it's original form).

Here is another excellent promo from the wizards at TCM for detective movies. A Christmas promo from last December for you to enjoy. An incredible promo for Tear themed films (have I mentioned how much I love Beck?). Here is another promo for the 31 days of Oscar this year. Here is the original promotion for TCM's Underground (originally hosted by Rob Zombie). A Tribute to Betty Hutton earlier this for Cannes films and yet another excellent promotion from November of last year. For even more promotions go to the source--raygun (they are all luscious, powerful and evocative).

Are you a TCM convert yet?


Anonymous said...

Can you tell me the music/song for the latest TCM promo for 31 Days Of Oscar, 2008? It is really haunting.

Anonymous said...

I was kind of stunned by the simple pretty-ness of the song too. Do you know it's name, and especially that version's name?

Ps. cool blog. (I'm at