Friday, October 12, 2007

Music to Have Your Teeth Cleaned to

Yesterday I was at the dentist's office getting my teeth cleaned when I heard this song I had forgotten about from the credits of Kingdom Hospital, a short lived horror television show adapted by Stephen King: Worry About You by Ivy. I believed there was a magical partnership between the song and images to make the opening credits. The link will take you to those intriguing opening credits and this link Worry About You will take you to the complete song. Following this song (or was it before? I don't recall now, but I do know that before this set of songs was Rosanna by Toto which always will be associated to my mom for me and I thought, "Oh, no what annoying song will come on next?") was another I had never heard before but made me think about how some songs are so calm and even that they are perfect for the dentist's office especially when played at just the right volume. They don't intrude on your thoughts at all, just accompany them in pleasant, if uninspired, harmony. I did some searching for the song and I happened upon it: Again & Again by The Bird and the Bee.

On the subject of remembering music, Wednesday night on Dirty Sexy Money (a guilty pleasure show I am enjoying--I am especially amused by the obnoxious, incredibly flawed, ill-tempered son who happens to be a man of the cloth) was Everybody Knows as performed by Concrete Blonde. The lead singer, Johnette Napolitano, has such a wonderful, distinctive voice and one of my favorites by Concrete Blonde is Caroline.

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